About Blue Blazer



When you work with Blue Blazer, you will partner with a committed team working with you as though we are members of your organization.  Our expertise is focused on:

  • Customizing your client sports hospitality events
  • Helping to activate your sponsorships
  • Making team travel hotel and charter bookings
  • Providing you with event planning services for your corporate meetings  

When its time to host customers on sports’ biggest stages, coordinate VIP guest events in association with your sponsorship, source and book hotels for your team, or implement your next meeting, Blue Blazer has the experience to deliver your needs while saving you time, energy, and money.

Blue Blazer was founded by Jim McGuire, an event, marketing, and meetings professional.  Jim led corporate event departments at KPMG and CVS Health, and led Alcatel-Lucent’s global sports sponsorship and event strategies.  With his background, Jim has created Blue Blazer as your trusted event and travel solution provider.  His vision is that the shared experiences that arise from your events create long-lasting bonds.

We will be there for you when you need us, just like a good and trusted blue blazer.

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