A long-distance trip for a collegiate club sports team, while an exciting venture for the team, can be full of complexity and prone to higher risks if not planned effectively. Most collegiate club sports teams’ travel planning normally falls on a coach or student athlete under resourced and educated how to buy group travel, especially at costs aligned to their budget, and whom rarely has the time to properly plan team travel.

This is a common dilemma and challenge for collegiate club sports teams, and an area where Blue Blazer Events Group takes great pride in serving. Whether a team needs a charter bus, hotel, rental vans, and flights, or all of them for a trip, Blue Blazer is the answer teams should consult with.

As an example, we were recently contacted by the University of Georgia Club Hockey team. As their team General Manager put it, “I have seen the work you have done with other ACHA Hockey teams, and would it be possible to discuss our trip to San Diego?” From that point on we held discovery sessions to learn key information about the team, dates of travel, desired locations for hotels, and got to work on planning a 5-day, cross-country trip, for 32 travelers, as well as a room block for their parents. Understanding their budget and schedule allowed us to present flights, hotels, rental vans, and charter bus options they could select from to meet their needs.

Click here to watch a video on the first-day of travel to see the four areas of our team travel planning that helped the Ice Dawgs complete their 4,440 mile trip between Athens, GA and San Diego, CA in September 2019.

For teams needing help with sourcing and buying hotels, ground transportation, and flights, turn to us to help get you to your game.